The Beginning

During a missions trip to Belize in 2013,

The McLeod family was introduced to Andy and Nancy Merrick who operate Christian Missionary Technical Services in Bernville, PA. They help men who need housing and career training after going through adiction recovery programs. Since we share the same passion of helping people in need, we decided to partner together with our focus of helping veterans with PTSD by following their model.

In September of 2014,

God led us to talk to a local property owner about a property they owned; much to our surprise they offered to donate the property to be used as a farm developed for helping veterans and their families. So the hard work began! The property was raw land with no utilities, road or dwellings. Therefore, the first six months goal was to establish utilities. 

September 2014 | Setting up the plan

September 2014 | The Driveway

October 2014 | Soil Testing

October 2014 | Lots of Supervisors 

November 7, 2014 | First Half of Building Site

December 2014 | 2nd Half of Building Stuck in the Field – End of Building Until Drier Weather

Presently | Our Farm in Progress