We understand the importance of a community environment. Come and share life together with fellow service members and their families. Plant a garden, tend the animals or just watch their amusing antics. Work on building a chicken pen or walk through the gardens; all are invited to come, stop in, and make this a place to meet friends and develop new ones. A safe, peaceful and healing atmosphere is cultivated to help healing take place. Many special events are offered to help grow the community and share the opportunities available.

Weekly REBOOT classes are provided to help learn about PTSD and how healing is best cultivated in ourselves and our families. Taught by those who have had the same experiences of war or trauma, REBOOT has measured success. Also offered is partnership with local professionals who can help with further healing.

Providing a place for our veterans to give back to their brothers is a very important aspect of the farm community. Many feel useless, thinking they have nothing to offer, but through the sharing of needs, an environment created for sharing, and the safety of the experience, anyone can be a blessing to those who come while having a struggle or a "bad day." We share each others burdens and together we are strong.

Other local Veteran-related groups are encouraged to use the facilities for their meetings or gatherings as well.