Mission 3 is under construction.

Goal - Housing for Veterans in short term need in 2018.

Sometimes when suffering from PTSD a veteran just needs to have a helping hand. This part of the program involves temporary housing for the veteran for 6 months to a year. He will be surrounded by the principles of REBOOT each day and interact with a mentor, someone who can disciple, train and pray with and for them, learning how to work that out in his life. At first, the housing will be for male veterans but we are praying for opportunity for expansion to include female housing as well.


As part of this mission, veterans will be part of a very scheduled environment that offers them opportunities to learn new skills, contribute to the community and even take a trip to Belize to help the less fortunate. Skills such as graphics design, video editing, husbandry, self-sustainability, mechanics, welding, construction, and others will be taught as an opportunity to find a craft that will be fulfilling and meaningful as they transition back into a purposeful life.