Raising Funds for Mission 2.

Immediate Goal - 15 Cabins to house 10 families and staff every two weeks for the summer months and school vacations by the end of 2017. 

The goal is to provide active duty service members and veterans with 7 day retreats for families. We would like to provide housing for these retreats in the form of tiny houses, RVs, or cottages. During their retreats they would be taken through an intensive version of the REBOOT program as well as have opportunities to walk out some of the concepts in their relationships.

One of the driving factors behind Providence Farm is the trauma that was suffered by the McLeod family and the impact that it had on their 8 children. Families are suffering and need a place to find healing and the assistance to rebuild relationships that have been destroyed by the wounds of war.

This is an area where there are many opportunities for volunteers to help in every phase. 

  • Phase One - Securing the finances
  • Phase Two - Engineering the designs and layouts of these dwellings
  • Phase Three - Building these dwellings
  • Phase Four - Filling them with love so that each family will feel special

On Going - when a family comes to the retreat, local families will be needed to adopt that family while they are here. Providing special attention to the children, joining them at local activities throughout the area, praying for their healing while at the farm, sharing hope, and celebrating their victories will be a way our community can support veterans on their journey. 

These families would be invited to Providence Farm Retreats by chaplains and REBOOT leaders at posts within 5 hours of the farm. Opportunities would also be available by filling out an application on this website.