2018 IRS Form 990

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Every day in America, 22 VETERANS commit suicide.
       YOU can help us CATCH 22.
Just because they're home doesn’t mean they’re done fighting.
You can help.
The statistics are alarming:
  • 22 veterans commit suicide every day in America – 7,300 in 2017 alone.
  • 321 active-duty military members took their lives in 2018, including
    • 57 Marines 
    • 68 sailors 
    • 58 airmen
    • 138 soldiers 
  • As of August, 78 airmen (USAF) have taken their lives so far this year - a 50% increase over last year!
These are the highest numbers since 2001!
Traumas of all kinds lead to suicide: broken relationships, mental illness,  incarceration, anxiety, depression, divorce, homelessness, and addiction.
Your investment will touch lives and make a difference because everything we provide to help veterans is free and made available by your generosity.
Our program focuses on veterans, warriors, first responders, and their families:
  • who find themselves fighting for their lives against suicide
  • who find their lives in crisis due to a catastrophic loss (job, home, family)
  • who need a more intensive or long-term healing process
Through your generosity, we provide: 
  • Food
  • Lodging
  • Transportation
  • A caring community
  • Networking for employment
The support provided may include staying residentially at the farm, becoming part of the daily routine, and working intensively through our nationally acclaimed, faith-based trauma recovery course.
The individual or family in crisis can stay in a safe environment away from the trials and temptations that have negatively impacted their lives.
Finally, and if needed to get them back on their feet, we can train them in a new career like agriculture, mechanics, carpentry, maintenance, or husbandry.
By partnering with Providence Veterans Community today, you can touch the lives of those who have sacrificed theirs to protect ours.
Help us raise $22,000
by December 31,
so we can CATCH 22, deliver healing, save families, and save lives.
Yes! I want to invest in a veteran and help prevent this senseless tragedy.
Individual Tax-deductible Donations

$22, $52, $122, $222 or more!

Foundation, Corporate or Small Business Tax-deductible Donations

$1022, $2022, $5022 or more!

They may not be in the desert with a rifle, but that doesn't mean they aren't fighting for their lives.
You can make a difference because choosing between life and death should not be a catch-22.
18 years