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Providence Veterans is a 501(C)3 nonprofit dedicated to securing generational stability in families of those who serve through proven faith-based solutions addressing physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. We engage veterans and their families through local gatherings, community events, digital programming, crisis support, encounter weekends, and intervention housing. 

We do this by providing nationally acclaimed, best practice programs like Reboot, Financial Peace, Marriage Dynamics, and Resiliency God Style in order to address the pressure points of life faced by military families.


We reach financial stability through a sustainable funding model that also provides dignified work and life mentoring for military families.


Our goal is to return resilient veterans and families to communities across America.


The many ongoing conflicts impacting our troops for nearly 2 decades has left more than 700,000  veterans and 1.4 million family members battling the invisible wounds of war. The current treatment systems have proven less than effective in all too many cases. This has left us with unacceptably high occurrences of tragedies hitting these families including divorce, physical abuse, sexual addictions, violence, substance abuse and suicide.  


We must use effective, proven strategies that address the WHOLE person and family unit physically, emotionally and spiritually. These heroes deserve nothing less than our absolute commitment to stand by them and walk with them to healing and restoration.

To meet this need, our vision is to provide a world-class program and destination for the healing of veterans, first responders, and their families. 


We believe that by approaching the WHOLE person (physical, emotional and spiritual) with their WHOLE family while applying transformational TRUTH into their lives, then true, lasting healing can take root.


To that end, we are working to build the first of many recreational outposts with classroom, healing, and community facilities. 


Our goal is to graduate more than 1000 warriors, first responders, and family members per-year delivering lives full of hope and purpose.


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James and Bethshan McLeod, and the McLeod clan

Providence Veterans was envisioned and created as a result of God's calling on James and Bethshan McLeod's lives. As a U.S. Navy public affairs officer, James was deployed to Afghanistan in 2010. After his return, the family experienced the struggles that often follow warriors returning home. 


          They discovered the need for treatment which needed to include a faith-based approach to find complete healing. The first-hand experience, coupled with the life-long desire to help others experience positive life change through the discipleship of walking side by side in life has led them to develop the community.


Through the years, the McLeods have taken in and hosted many in need, and Providence Veterans will continue that tradition for years to come.

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1.  A faith-based approach coupled with physical, emotion and relational support is the only way to build a life, firmly founded in the truth, that will allow us to stand through the storms of life.

2.  Life is a battle and we are all forward deployed. The inevitable trials and struggles of life, both in and out of the military, can become opportunities to shape lives of passion and purpose that would not have come from the "easy life".

3.  Issues like PTS are contagious like the flu and impact the loved ones closest to the warrior or first responder. Therefore, the entire family needs to be the focus if complete healing is to be achieved.

4.  The quiet, natural atmosphere of the farm allows a break from the intensity and stressors of daily life. This sets an ideal stage for significant healing to take place. 

5.  Warrior and first responder families are some of the noblest among us. By rejoining a supportive, loving community "unit" and working with others that have successfully walked a similar path, new "muscle memory" for daily life can be formed based on truthful best practices. The result is a sustainable, stable and productive life. 




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David Heckman


Bonnie Picking



Bethshan McLeod


Micah Nissly, Sgt. USMC


Trusted Advisors

Al Stewart

Lee Tyrol

Mike Uyboco

Merrianne Nissly

Matthew Kimball

Thomas Harris


Our IRS filings can be accessed through the Guidestar link here. If you have any other questions you would like us to answer, please feel free to call our office at 434-219-1000.

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2019 in Review

  • Four-year anniversary milestone

  • Over 2600 meals served

  • Over 1750 visitors hosted at the Farm

  • Family mentoring for 25 families

  • Benefited from thousands of volunteer hours

  • Two Reboot classes with 40 graduates

  • One Dynamic Marriage class

  • One Financial Peace University class

  • Addition of Firstline trauma course

  • Working with Liberty University to develop an app to guide course grads

  • Provided internships for Liberty University students

  • Hosted an Army Reserve Family Day

  • 2nd Annual Veterans Memorial Mud Run

  • Hosted Liberty U. Air Force ROTC event

  • 25 weekend workdays

  • Four family cabins built

  • Completion of 1 mile of hiking and running trails

  • Created subsidiary organic mushroom farm

  • Mushroom farm building shell complete

  • First mushroom grow room complete

  • Website revamp

  • Marketing plan established

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