We have been working on three primary goals since breaking ground in 2015:

     1. PHASE-1

- Develop operational capability 

- Finish basic infrastructure



- Achieve a base operating income from grants, donations, and the farm in order to provide FREE courses and services 

     3. PHASE-2

- Grow to output of 1000 grads per year  - virtually or on campus.


To become fully operational we have been steadily working to build out this undeveloped property. In order to offer our courses and serve the volume of need we plan to construct the following infrastructure:

  • Completed - 5000 sq ft main building with kitchen, dining and classroom space

  • Event barn of 3500sq ft. to allow all-weather group events and sports activities

  • Road upgrade

  • 20 all-weather cabins to accommodate families coming to stay on the farm for our events and programs


To secure the revenue required to operate the farm and all its programs we have worked to find a primary income source from the farm that will take care of the base cost of operations while also providing veterans and family members with job opportunities and training. 


In 2016 we were awarded a Virginia Tobacco Revitalization Commission Agribusiness Grant of $173,000 to construct a mushroom facility growing high-end culinary mushrooms.

We are ready to take mushrooms to the market. Working on developing customers for culinary mushrooms.


Complete development that will allow the Farm to achieve full potential in reaching our military families. This development includes:

  • Central lodge building with accommodations for 50

  • Team Building Courses

  • Additional infrastructure and facilities to be determined by our board and development committee

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