Providence Veterans is designed with intention and purpose. A significant aspect of what we offer is a safe supportive community of fellow veterans, service members, first responders, and families learning to lead lives of peace and purpose.


Local families of veterans learning truth together and supporting one another. Hope and healing from the battles of life. The facts: there are over 800,000 Veterans within a 4-hour drive of the Farm.



In the Works


As our infrastructure is built, our goal is to conduct week-long family camps for 10 military families each week for 20 weeks per year.


The week-long stay will be free of charge and the families will be hosted in one of the 10, small cabins on the farm.


The week is intended to provide two things: A condensed family course, and a time of R&R (Reboot and Recovery) to relax, create powerful, positive family memories and find hope and healing from the battles of life. 



In the Works


For families of veterans who find their life in crisis, Providence Veteran's Community will soon offer an opportunity to stay residentially at the farm and become a part of daily routine while working intensively through the life-changing material under the mentorship of farm staff.


This will allow the family to stay in a safe environment away from the trials and temptations that have negatively impacted their lives.